Awards Disclaimer:
The HFM Asian Performance Best Digital Asset Firm was given to Pythagoras by With Intelligence, a trade brand for the investment community , on November 30, 2022. With Intelligence is independent from Pythagoras Investments. The award is determined by With Intelligence on an annual basis based on the methodology created by With Intelligence focused on the risk-adjusted performance of funds included in the HFM and Eureka Hedge databases. (

At Pythagoras, we are quantitative traders of cryptocurrencies.

For investors, we offer a steady return stream which is uncorrelated to equity, fixed income or commodity markets. Cryptocurrencies present new opportunities for traders, technologists, and financial engineers to create novel financial products and strategies to generate consistent returns for investors with low downside volatility.

For crypto fund managers, we offer capital and advice to new or emerging crypto quant traders.

For talented quants, we offer employment to work with us. We are the quant team in cryptocurrencies with the longest upstanding track record and reputation.

Our founder, Mitchell Dong is a serial entrepreneur who has spent 25 years running quant hedge funds trading in niche and exotic markets, such as physical uranium trading, algorithmic electricity trading and mutual fund market timing. Prior, he founded and built companies which developed solar, hydro and cogeneration power plants.

The Pythagoras team consists of quant traders and researchers, computer scientists and risk and money managers.

We are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York.